• Standard gauge of scale interval 0.001mm and outer frame diameter 56mm
  • Protection and durability of mechanism parts like gear are pursued by impact release mechanism( shock proof ).
  • Jewel axis is applied to improve durability.
  • Stable repeated precision is realized by applying level enlargement mechanism.
  • Limiter is equipped as standard for all models. it is convenient to set up tolerance range.
  • Lift lever can be adopted.

  • This is the most standard dial gauge of which scale interval is 0.01mm.
    A model can be selected according to usage among stainless stem, central 2 hands , oil ejecting function and night line function.
  • This is standard series for high durability and high accuracy made by pursuing parts precision.
  • Shock proof function is adopted to all models.
0.05mm scale mark
dial indicator
  • As outer frame diameter is small ( minimum diameter : 36mm),this is suitable for production line with narrow set up space and to measure many points with machines put in.
  • Lift lever can be adopted ( excluding TM-34)
  • Line up of measuring range 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm and 10mm although this is small.
  • Long stroke dial gauge of measuring range 20mm, 30mm.
  • Shock proof mechanism is adopted to all models.
  • Lift lever can be also adopted. (excluding KM-121PW)
  • Long stroke dial gauge of which scale mark plate is large as 50mm, 100mm and 150mm.
  • Measuring up to 150mm stroke is realized with precision parts of high durability and TECLOCK original enlargement mechanism.
  • This is less than 1 revolution dial gauge and effective for comparative measurement with scale interval 0.001mm, and 0.01mm.
  • High durability is materialized by adopting TECLOCK original enlargement mechanism.
  • Measuring range is subdivided for 0.08mm, 0.16mm,0.2mm and 1.0mm.
  • This is the dial gauge of scale interval 0.1mm.
  • There are 3 types such as 10mm, 20mm and 30mm complying with measurement range.
  • This is used to measure approximate dimension for wooden work and leather products or to judge deviance dimension.
  • This differs from general dial gauges and its scale plate is set parallel against measured face . This is convenient to make smooth surface horizontal and read from front face of measured point.
Displacement volume of measured face can be read from the top.
Standard type
  • This is circularity measurement dial gauge used to measure various power like pressure, pulling etc.
  • Scale interval 0.01mm and 0.005mm are available.
Special ordered product

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