• This is Newton indication mechanical type tension gauge which can easily measure microscopic and instantaneous power like pull power and pressure.
  • Miniature bearing is applied to gauge head bearing part and stable indication accuracy is achieved.
  • It can be used to wide range of usages such as contact ability of micro-switch, relay and valve, measuring ability of dial gauge and spring power of precision spring and pressing power of key board.
  • There are 2 types such as standard type and night line(chisin) type which maintains instantaneous max figure.
Measurement example

  • This is multi-purpose ability measurement which measures ability of push and pull of measured thing by using head or hook.
L type hook

  • This is clock type revolution device to measure revolution per minute of engine, machine tools and motor, and moving velocity of belt conveyor with high accuracy.
  • This is complete machine type without battery and 3 kinds of terminal are equipped.
H/ medium speed Ehigh speed
Measurement example

  • This is specialized measurement to measure deflection of engine crank of automobiles and ships etc.

  • This is small type which is fixed to measuring position by magnet.

  • This is suitable to measure swing of various precision axis, round manufactured precision gear and pinion.
    * Unevenness of center are easily changed according to shape of measured things.
    Center can be shifted.
Measurement example

  • This is dial gauge and jig set for the suction (expansion/ shrink).

  • FM-10 is a inspection device to use accuracy control of dial gauge, level type dial gauge, cylinder gauge. Accuracy of various gauges maintained in the following list can be measured according to combination of various unit.
    As for measurement of cylinder gauge, measurement range 400~600mm needs optional pole.(ZY-095)

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