• Measuring direction can be changed by switch over lever.
  • Main bearing is jewel bearing for all kinds of machines.
  • Edge of gauge head is ultra hard ball with less abrasion.
  • Gauge head is made of 2mm stainless and can be easily changed, as this is fitted with original screw.
  • Gauge head and indicator are anti-magnetic and not affected by magnetism.
  • As this is ccccc, this is suitable for thin part.
Measuring direction is changed by lever change.
Gauge head can be set at any angle of 200circle.

  • Gauge head can be set at any angle of 220circle.
  • Stem can be adopted to 3 points such as upper, front and back part.
  • Gauge head edge is ultra hard ball with less abrasion and gauge head is made of stainless.
  • Gauge head and indicator are anti-magnetic are not affected by magnetism
  • As miniature bearing (pivot ball bearing) is used for gauge head revolution part bearing, it is not affected by axis decrepit and indication is stable.
  • Measuring direction is automatically changed for proper and opposite side by auto-clutch mechanism without change lever. It is always read accurately in any case ,as indicator always rotates in clockwise direction.
6mm stem can be adopted to 2 parts of ariban of front and rear dob-tale
( stem for dob-tale is an option )

  • Shock from the angle except from measuring direction can be avoided and body is protected by preventing shock mechanism (PS mechanism) of center of gauge head.
movement to avoid shock
movement for normal measurement
TECLOCK original PS mechanism is set at center of gauge head to prevent shock except from measuring direction.

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