• This is useful to measure deep inner diameter.

  • This is inner caliper gauge to measure inner diameter of cylinder type work and inner ditch diameter. It can measure ditch diameter of g0h ring by modifying gauge head.
  • Set dimension within }1mm ( indication range 2mm) can be comparatively measured (880 series) by alternatively using auxiliary alternative gauge head in accordance with measured dimension.
  • Please set standard dimension within measuring range with micro-meter or ring gauge.
Alternative gauge head can be specially ordered. Please inquire with each sales outlet.

  • This is convenient handy type to measure narrow ditch width.
  • Hard metal is used for gauge head edge, which is less abrasion.
  • This is central 2 hands type model to measure absolute figure easily

  • This is effective to measure large and thick object which is difficult to measure and outer dimension of irregular shape products. Please select according to shape and measuring depth.
  • Minimum indication figure is 2 types of 0.1mm and 0.01mm.
  • Special order can be produced.
Overall length of GM-3 is large as 635mm.

  • This is outer thickness measuring instrument of which digital gauge is built into frame.
    This can treat statistics data and print out it by connected to the optional digital mini printer SD-763N.
  • with print out switch
  • In case measuring difficult thing like irregular shape products is measured , arm part is complied with special order. Please inquire in detail with each outlet.

  • *Stable and accurate measuring dimension (comparative measurement ) is possible for inner and outer dimension, as this can well stick to work with measurement method by sliding movable arm.
  • As this is boxy type, easy to hold and solid, this is suitable to inspect large.
  • This can be used for various objectives to measure inner gear , inner diameter female screw, flat gear, spline axis of special key, over pin diameter of separation axis and matagi thickness.
  • Gauge head is separately produce such as ball type, flat type, knife edge type on demand. Please advise dimension and shape.
  • As digital indicator is an option, please select it according to an objective. Because dial gauge can be adopted.
Gauge head and digital indicator are not included.

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