• Ultra hard alloy ball is applied to an edge of gauge head, which is superior to anti-abrasion.
  • High instruction stability is realized by unified guide plate of original shape.
  • Kan rod and washer is selected and used according to measurement dimension .
  • It is in accordance with JIS B 7515 A class.

Order production

Measuring inner diameter of outer rim of bearing.

  • As its overall length is short, it is effective to measure in the narrow place.

Order production


  • This is cylinder gauge which can measure near the bottom of blind hole(moukou) or inner diameter of shallow hole asakou etc.
    Its original automatic centripetal mechanism and usage method is similar to standard type cylinder gauge..

  • *This is for measuring aperture18mm and below, but possible for high accuracy measurement equal to standard type cylinder gauge.

  • It can comply with measuring inner diameter from minimum 1.7mm to max10mm.
  • It realizes repeating accuracy level 2um, even though it is for small inner diameter which is difficult to measure.
  • It realizes smooth operation with hard chrome plating. It can be naturally inserted to small inner diameter and obtain stable indication figure.

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